Strategy Pattern using Lambdaj Switcher

As an extension to one of my earlier posts on strategy pattern, here i am providing a sample implementation using Lambdaj Switcher.

package com.idodevjobs.example;

import ch.lambdaj.function.closure.Switcher;

public class StrategyPatternSwitcherExample {

    private Gender gender;
    private String message;
    private Switcher<GenerateGreetingStrategy> generateGreetingStrategySwitcher;

    public StrategyPatternSwitcherExample (Gender gender, String message) {
        this.gender = gender;
        this.message = message;

        generateGreetingStrategySwitcher = new Switcher<>();
        generateGreetingStrategySwitcher.addCase(Gender.MALE, new GenerateGreetingForMen());
        generateGreetingStrategySwitcher.addCase(Gender.FEMALE, new GenerateGreetingForWomen());
        generateGreetingStrategySwitcher.setDefault(new GenerateGreetingForWomen());

    public static void main(String args[]) {
        StrategyPatternSwitcherExample strategyPatternSwitcherExample1 = new StrategyPatternSwitcherExample(Gender.MALE, "Jack, Good morning !!");
        StrategyPatternSwitcherExample strategyPatternSwitcherExample2 = new StrategyPatternSwitcherExample(Gender.FEMALE, "Laura, Good afternoon !!");

    private String generateGreeting() {
        return generateGreetingStrategySwitcher.exec(gender).generateGreeting(message);

enum Gender {

Refer to my earlier post for source code of other required classes such as, and

This also serves as an example for Lambdaj Switcher. Lambdaj Switcher is an excellent alternative to java’s switch-case.

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